Importance of technology – How it changed the life?


Technology has made immense change all over our lives. We cannot do any work without the help of technology in our daily life. Even it is about cooking or working, everything needs the help of technology. Also it is not possible to avoid technology, whether it has positive or negative affect we are prone to its working. Technology has proved that we cannot avoid its help in our lives. Though without technology, our lives would be difficult. As with its advancement, we have become dependent on them without realizing.

Technology in education

Importance of technology

Technology has its walkthrough in the entire field, especially in the field of science. It helps students in many ways. Also students of this age are learning their education with e-learning technology. Also internet helps students with all the projects and course work. Most of the universities are conducting offline lecture for the people who are having their off campus education. Students and teachers are allowed to analyze their information online and they can be able to utilize information easier. Even kids of this age are trained with technology and they have their education with the help of internet. This technology has both boon and flaw for students.


Even though technology is not related to medicine, they do have more impact in this field. Thus medical science has incredible change with the evolution of technology. Numerous lives have been surviving only with the help of technology. And most of the medical miracle is happened with the thankful invention of machines and its technology. As we can see, most of the physically handicapped persons are staying independent with the only help of technology. Thus the use of technology in medical cannot be explained with small article, it has a list ongoing from countless health support.


This has made people to occupy their plenty of times. From kids to adults, technology has made them to stay busy with its many features. Thus trends of playing have changes a lot through laptop, computer and many more. Even elders have their time with TV which makes them to forget the whole world.


In our daily life communication all over the world has got easier with the evolution of technology. Thus through mobile phone and other communication mediums, people are able to communicate with their loved ones daily from one place to another. They can even have their video chats which makes overseas to be a shorter distance.

Thus access of knowledge and information has become easier and faster with the technological perspective. Although using it in the right path matters in life.